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Variable Geography Series

1 -Tempête de roches6.jpg

My current research focuses on the digital manipulation of images, from which came the series Fantasmagorie, awarded at the IPA (International Photo Awards) in 2019, then the current series, Géographie variable, started in 2021 (Silver Award at New York Photo Awards 2021).

From a corpus of more than a thousand images taken along the coast of the St. Lawrence estuary over the past decade, I select often opposing images that respond to each other and I merge them thanks to the possibilities of digital technology. I multiply them and recompose them, I insert elements of nature or human figures. I thus created a formal vocabulary that I assemble like a score punctuating the surface of the rectangle.  From this fusion emerges a new power of evocation and a personal poetic vision. These recomposed images of stone, fire, water and air offer the visitor a symbolic universe and a reinterpretation of space and geography that evokes a wild territory, that of the great Laurentian spaces and the maritime world.

ÉMERAUDE 2022.jpg
Géographie laurentienne 2 -2021.jpg
Minganie. 2021jpg.jpg
La route sans fin.jpg
La marche vers le soleil.jpg
La Bouteille et la mer 4 - Copie.jpg
Ombres-au-tableau 2021.jpg
BIENVEILLANCE-Jean-Thomas Bédard 2021.JPG
Dans le brasier.jpg
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