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I am an artist and a committed environmentalist.  My photographic project brings together these two passions. My whole life has been nourished by these two themes.  From my childhood, the great outdoors and the richness of colors and textures of the natural world have been my main source of inspiration._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Since 2012, I have devoted most of my photographic quest to traveling along the coast of the St. Lawrence River and its islands, to exploring the unique world of the buffer zones between the land and the sea which bear the name of "flats" and which are reveal to us only at low tide. I try to extract a part of their beauty, in order to create vibrant compositions in the spirit of contemporary painting.

Coming from the world of visual arts - drawing, painting - this approach to photography has become my way of creating paintings from the wide variety of shapes and colors that we manage to find while exploring the flats of the estuary of the Saint-Laurent.  These spaces between land and sea which testify to a long geological history to which a tenacious life has been grafted tell above all my quest for beauty and poetry through my fascination. for this maritime universe.

Since 2019, I have been exploring the creative possibilities of digital manipulations to build ever more personal photographic tableaux.  My very recent Geography variable series combines a selection of images from the corpus of photographs taken in Bas-Saint-Laurent and Côte-Nord. 


This series invites you on a pictorial journey and an experimentation with space inspired by the magnificence of Quebec's territory and its geology. By introducing more freedom into my creative process, she explores the metaphorical power of the image. Essentially, Géographie variable is nourished by a reflection on the existential link between humanity and nature.

Through my images, I want to celebrate this great river that has forged our cultural heritage, this vital aorta that has nourished the soul of the Quebec nation for generations.   I wish to draw attention to its immense diversity and unfathomable beauty. 



Jean-Thomas Bedard
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