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Painter, filmmaker, photographer, originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, Jean-Thomas Bédard began drawing at the age of 12, which led him at the age of 20 to the École des Beaux-Arts de Montréal and to the Department of animation film from the National Film Board of Canada. He will work there for more than 30 years as a director of animated films and documentaries. 

At the age of 32, he undertook a year-long trip around the world where he devoted himself passionately to photography. the Pacific and Indonesia presented in Montreal and Toronto (York University).  He also exhibits his paintings in various exhibition venues.

In 1985-86, he became a trainer in animation cinema at the Centro technico e audiovisual in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Back in Quebec, his career in documentary cinema continued with films such as La Traversée de la Nuit, Père pour la vie, Le Voyage inachevé, career interrupted in 2003.

Today, he continues a photographic exploration of textures and colors drawn from nature in compositions that evoke abstract art.  His favorite theme: the thousand facets of the St. Lawrence flats unveiled at low tide. 

''I began my artistic quest with drawing and painting.  Today, this approach to photography has become my way of painting with materials and colors deployed on the banks of the great river, shaped by the elements. It is also my way of celebrating this royal road which forged the cultural heritage of Quebecers and of drawing attention to its unfathomable beauty. 136bad5cf58d_  

Jean-Thomas Bedard
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